If you wish to be considered for representation please fill out the submission form. To upload an Audition use the Video Upload form.

All representation queries are dealt with via the website - please do not call the office.


It is preferred that you upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and send us a link rather than send the video files, but if you do want to send a file please make sure it is in MP4 format and is less than 10mb in size. Videos larger than 10mb or that are not in mp4 format will not send. .

Please be aware when sending video files that the larger the file the longer it will take to send and the time needed to do this will vary depending on your internet connection, just as if you were sending a file via email. If you are sending via mobile it is better to send when connected to wi-fi rather than mobile data, as it will take less time and is less likely to timeout.

After you have pressed send please do not refresh the page or press the send button again as this will stop the current upload, cause an error or make us receive multiple copies.
You will see an 'Email sent' message once the file has gone through.

Thank you.

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